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Scholarship winner. At the 2006 annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Wound Care (CAWC) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Daudi Mavura, MD, was the recipient of The R. Gary Sibbald International Scholarship. Dr Mavura, a native of Tanzania, Africa, was a first-year dermatology resident at "Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez" General Hospital in Mexico City, Mexico, when he received the award.


The scholarship award is designed to foster networking and mentoring between the CAWC and wound care professionals in developing countries. The $2500 scholarship is to go toward the winner's attendance of the CAWC's annual meeting.

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Although candidates are not required to be CAWC members, they must be involved in the care of patients with chronic wounds; arrange to use their experience at the CAWC meeting to report back to other health care providers in their country; and write a 2- to 3-page summary of current wound care practices in their country, their vision for the future, and possible partnerships with the CAWC to improve the care of persons with chronic wounds in their country.


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