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discharge, high-risk infants, NICU, psychosocial risks, safety, social work



  1. Forsythe, Paula L. MSN, CNS


Safe transitioning of high-risk infants from hospital to home requires these essential elements: (1) a thorough understanding and adherence to infant-identified discharge criteria; (2) the coordination and progression of educational activities that prepare families for care at home; (3) the appropriate identification and utilization of referral services, both during hospitalization and in the community; (4) the involvement of community healthcare providers well versed in the care and follow-up of infants born ill or prematurely; (5) the psychosocial adaptations parents make as they accept their role as independent caregiver. A family Social assessment, Advocacy by all healthcare team members for the safety and well-being of the infant, strong Family involvement, and accessible Environmental resources contribute to the success of a SAFE discharge.