1. Girard, Donna BSN, RN, CGRN
  2. Gray, Joan R. RN

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There are various ways automatic endoscope re-processors (AER) and endoscopes can become colonized with microorganisms which makes them unsafe for normal use. The AER can become contaminated due to: 1) endemic contamination of incoming water and the inability of filters to cleanse due to other factors, 2) filters that are ineffective at controlling the bioburden, 3) filters that are no longer effective due to poor maintenance, 4) chemical disinfectants not being properly monitored and changed when they are below the MEL, 5) microorganisms developing resistance to the chemical used to destroy them, and 6) design flaws in the equipment which does not allow for disinfection of all parts of the washer exposed to bacterial contaminants. Endoscopes can become contaminated due to the factors that have contaminated the AER; improper manual cleaning, which can lead to fixative chemicals creating an internal or external biofilm; and improper drying and preparation for over night storage The objective for the presentation is to explain what a biofilm is, how it is formed in an AER and endoscope, how it can be eradicated, and the maintenance needed to stop reformation.


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