1. Laslett, Julie ADN, RN
  2. Palmer, Angela RN, CGRN

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Direct access endoscopy is a process where outpatients are directly brought in for their endoscopic procedures without previously undergoing a GI consultation. Following a referral by their primary doctor, patients are triaged by an experienced endoscopy nurse. Procedures included are upper and lower endoscopies; EUS of the pancreas, stomach, esophagus, rectum, or sigmoid; and ERCP. The nurse also screens the charts for patients who may need anesthesia services by using an algorithm created in conjunction with the anesthesiologist. If a GI clinic visit or any additional testing is needed, this is taken care of and the results available prior to the procedure. The nurse also calls the patient to review their history, and teaches them about their procedure, preparation, and medication adjustment (if any). The nurse then coordinates with the patient a convenient time to come in for the procedure. A GI nurse educator also visits inpatients the day before their procedures to instruct them about their procedure, review the prep, stress the importance of remaining NPO, identify any concerns about obtaining a consent, and let the patient know the time of their procedure. Nursing triage for both inpatients and outpatients can greatly improve the efficiency of your unit, avoid cancellations, and prevent unexpected delays.


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