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Freedom Designs, a maker of wheelchair seating and positioning devices, has begun incorporating LiquiCell comfort technology into its thoracic lateral supports, headrests, and seat cushions. The use of LiquiCell helps prevent pressure sores without interfering with patient positioning or affecting stability. Because of its thin profile, LiquiCell can be easily incorporated into key areas of medical equipment to relieve parallel pressures (forces) and enhance comfort without changing product design.


LiquiCell is an ultrathin, liquid interface technology specifically designed to relieve the discomfort experienced over time when the body is in contact with another object. When soft tissue is compressed between the object and bone structure, discomfort begins as the soft tissues are stretched and sheared, the flow of blood is restricted or even stopped, and nerves are depressed. LiquiCell mimics the bursa sac by creating a necessary interface that protects the body from the object and equalizes the pressure the body experiences by using a combination of a low viscosity fluid contained within a thin, pliable cell and strategically placed baffles (seal points) to control the flow of liquid. When LiquiCell is used as an interface, soft tissue shear stress is significantly reduced, blood flow becomes less restrictive, and nerve depression is lessened. As movement and/or shifting of the body takes place, the ultra-thin liquid cell moves to allow the opposing forces (body and object) to move without friction.


LiquiCell surpasses benefits offered by other comfort technologies, such as gels, foams, or air, which break down over time or require maintenance and do not protect against the harmful effects of friction and shear stress. A recent study conducted for LiquiCell also indicated that products that incorporate LiquiCell increase blood perfusion up to 150% at the point of contact.


For a limited time, the company will offer LiquiCell free with all Freedom Designs headrests and lateral pads. All Freedom Designs products using LiquiCell will carry the LiquiCell trademark.