1. Wilkins, Edwin G. MD
  2. Lowery, Julie C. PhD
  3. Goldfarb, Sherry MPH


OBJECTIVE: A 9-month pilot study was initiated to evaluate the feasibility of a Web-based telemedicine program for remote wound care team consultations for patients with chronic wounds.


METHOD: Wound care nurses in Veterans Health Administration outpatient clinics evaluated 56 patients with chronic wounds over the course of 208 clinic visits. The wounds were predominantly lower-extremity ulcers (diabetic and vascular). The Veterans Affairs Computerized Patient Record System and the Internet were used to obtain consultations and transmit data (store-forward) between the nurse specialists and a multidisciplinary wound care team located at the regional tertiary care center.


RESULTS: During the course of the study, 76% of wounds treated decreased in size; mean response time for consultations was 2.61 days. Exit surveys indicated that 98.2% of patients were satisfied with care; referring providers also indicated a high degree of satisfaction with the teleconsult system.


CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrated that a multidisciplinary wound care team using a store-forward approach can feasibly provide telemedicine consultations for patients in remote locations.