1. Wright, Kathy MS, RN, CWOCN, APRN

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Ruth Bryant and Denise Nix, eds. St Louis, Mo: Mosby, Inc, 2007. $59.95. ISBN 13: 978-0-323-03074-8. 674 pp.


This third edition of a well-known text used in formal wound care education programs has been expanded with the intent of capturing use by a multidisciplinary team of patient care providers. Often used as a preparation tool for wound care certification, each chapter offers clearly delineated objectives and self-assessment questions, which enable the reader to identify gaps in their knowledge base. The extensive reference lists at the end of each chapter facilitate further exploration of topics discussed.


The book begins with several chapters related to professional practice in wound management. An informative discussion on the relevance of national certification and the qualifications of certifying organizations is of particular interest. As in previous editions, the next few chapters provide a strong foundation in anatomy of the skin and the physiology of wound healing. The parameters of patient assessment for skin risk or actual alteration in skin integrity are explained, with clear definitions of clinical terminology and considerations for holistic patient evaluation. Subsequent chapters address specific wound etiology and pathology, along with up-to-date treatment modalities.


New to this edition are well-developed chapters that explore the appropriate use of support surfaces, skin care of the bariatric patient, and foot/nail care. An illustrated formulary of wound care products provides a comprehensive guideline that can be quickly accessed for use in the clinical setting. Well-written chapters are dedicated to the discussion of pain assessment and management, along with approaches to enable patients to establish a sustainable plan of care. The final chapter on billing, coding, and reimbursing introduces these concepts integral for clinicians working in a variety of settings across the healthcare continuum. The appendices include samples of assessment, teaching, and documentation tools, along with policies and procedures that facilitate evidence-based practice.


This text is highly recommended for use both by clinicians specializing in wound care and those who are generalists. The colored photographs and schematics with comprehensive descriptors provide readers with effective visuals of concepts crucial to effective wound management. Our aging patient population, combined with the increasing incidence of diabetes and venous insufficiency, assures the healthcare industry that wounds of many types are a growing healthcare problem!


Nancy Albert Selected as CNS Nurse Researcher of the Year

Nancy M. Albert, PhD, CCNS, CCRN, CAN, was selected to receive the NACNS's first CNS Researcher of the Year award. She received this award at the awards luncheon during the NACNS annual conference on Friday, March 2, 2007, in Phoenix, Ariz. Her accomplishments are many and demonstrate a commitment to advancing patient care and actualizing the role of the CNS through the conduct of nursing research. Dr Albert's numerous publications demonstrate that she takes the responsibility of disseminating her work very seriously. As a result, many patients and nurses have benefited.


Ginger S. Pierson Selected as Preceptor of the Year

The NACNS selected Ginger S. Pierson, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNS, to receive the first NACNS Preceptor of the Year award. She received this award at the awards luncheon during the NACNS annual conference. NACNS established this award to recognize a CNS preceptor who has demonstrated commitment to teach, coach, and mentor CNS students to achieve CNS competencies in the nurse, patient, and organizational spheres as reflected in the NACNS Statement on CNS Practice and Education (2004). Ms Pierson was chosen because of her demonstrated competence in mentoring students to apply evidence-based theory in clinical practice, in recognition of the positive learning experiences that she has provided for students, and the passion for professional development that she models.


Ann Mayo Is the Recipient of the Sue B. Davidson Service Award

Ann Mayo, DNSc, RN, received the Sue B. Davidson Service Award at the 2007 NACNS Conference. The award is given to NACNS members who have generously donated their time and energies in service to NACNS and CNSs. Dr Mayo's service is exemplary, and the list of contributions she has provided to NACNS is quite lengthy. For example, she has represented NACNS on the collaboration among the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties, and NACNS for collecting data and presenting the annual survey of schools of nursing. She has worked tirelessly with the data analyst to clarify the CNS data and educate the team regarding data categorization for CNS programs. She has also been our representative at the Interagency Collaborative on Nursing Statistics meeting, which is attended by individuals from across the country representing a variety of organizations responsible for developing, compiling, and analyzing data on nurses and the settings in which they practice. Finally, she has chaired the NACNS Research Committee for a number of years. The Association has gained much through the contributions of Dr Mayo.


Jo Ellen Rust Receives the Brenda Lyon Leadership Award

Jo Ellen Rust, MSN, RN, CNS, was selected to receive the Brenda Lyon Leadership Award. This award was presented at the NACNS awards luncheon during the NACNS conference. This award is given to NACNS members whose leadership activities have had a major impact on CNS practice and the association. Ms Rust has indeed affected both CNS practice and NACNS. She is a past president of NACNS, has chaired or cochaired the Legislative/Regulatory Committee for a number of years, and has been one of the authors of the Vision of the Future for Clinical Nurse Specialists paper. She has also spent the last 4 years collecting data on legislative and regulatory issues in the analysis of the states and validating the data that have been collected. This information is extremely valuable for both NACNS and CNSs as we move forward to address regulatory issues. Ms Rust continues to provide leadership to the organization in many ways and we appreciate all of her efforts.


Sherri Atherton Selected as Clinical Nurse Specialist of the Year

Sherri Atherton, MSN, RN, CNS, CIC, received the Clinical Nurse Specialist of the Year award during the awards luncheon at the NACNS Conference in Phoenix. This award is given to a CNS who demonstrates outstanding professional achievement and exemplary practice with respect to patient care, nurses, and healthcare delivery systems. Ms Atherton was chosen because of her excellence in infection control nursing practice and her leadership in helping her employing institution to successfully achieve Magnet status. Finally, Ms Atherton was chosen because of the many contributions to healthcare in her institution and to the community it serves.