1. Colwell, Hilary H. MPH
  2. Mathias, Susan D. MPH
  3. Ngo, Nita H. MPH
  4. Gitlin, Matthew PharmD
  5. Lu, Z. John PhD
  6. Knoop, Teresa RN, MSN, AOCN


Cancer patients treated with parenteral chimeric or humanized monoclonal antibody agents or chemotherapy are at risk of experiencing an infusion reaction. The impact of infusion reactions can be substantial. Infusion reactions, even when mild, can be disruptive and stressful. In-person interviews with 202 nurses were conducted at the 2005 Annual Oncology Nursing Society Congress to evaluate the impact of infusion reactions on patients and nurses in the inpatient and outpatient practice settings. Results from this survey study suggest that infusion reactions have a significant negative impact on both patients and nurses.