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Feedback on Spring

The article "Trauma Revisited" was excellent. It gave a longitudinal perspective on trauma and the life-long impact that terror and war have on individuals. The article pulled me into the emotion of the topic. The article "Spiritual Care: Lingering Questions" is helpful to me as a faculty member. I appreciated the practical suggestion about approaching the topic of spiritual care in the classroom and clinical setting. The article was well organized and beneficial. "Does Prayer Really Help?" also aids me in teaching students. This information adds to the research base and is a good source of evidence-based practice in nursing.

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Barbara White


Denver, Colorado


I thought "Trauma Revisited" was one of the most heart-tugging articles I have ever read. What great insight this nurse had to reach out to these hurting men. Since reading the article, I have heard about several vets who relived their traumas after the tragic events of 9-11.I sense God at work.


Roxanne Stryker


Waco, Texas


I was shocked at the language presented in the article by Joy Ruth Cohen. I hear swearing at my secular work. I do not expect to come home, open my Christian magazine and be exposed to the Lord's name taken in vain. If it were just once to demonstrate the graphic nature of the interview or spoken as a "half-prayer," I could be more understanding of creative license. I felt it needed an "R" rating for language. This is not why I subscribe to Christian magazines. What happened to "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable" to meditate upon rather than God's name being taken in vain? In reflecting on these conversations, I was not richly blessed. So much of this article could have been condensed to give the essence of her ministry without being offensive to the reader.


Brenda Lewis


Madison, Wisconsin


I am so thankful you included "Spiritual Openness" in the last issue of JCN. One of the definite strengths of JCN is that it is not a "journal in a box." It is a journal responsive to the living God and in touch with the real world.


I also want to comment on the use of color in JCN. The red against the black in "Trauma Revisited" was excellent.


Carol Paige


Portsmouth, Virginia


I am so impressed with JCN. The journal has such appeal. I plan to post a copy in the school of nursing lobby for people to review.


Josie Lu O'Quinn


Arlington, Texas


PulseBeats Paves the Wave

I just wanted to say "thank you" for the information JCN brings to the Christian nurse. I have been given a grant to pay on my student loan while I am on the mission field. In the PulseBeats section, I found information about a ministry called MedSend International. The organization provides the funds toward student loans for those going to the mission field in a health care related ministry. While reading, this information jumped off the page. Our plans are to be on the field by March 2002, and I wanted to let you know that because of what you do, I am able to get to the mission field faster.


Melissa Martinez


Roy, Utah


Editor's response: Thank you for letting us know how MedSend is speeding you to the mission field!! For the rest of you that missed that PulseBeats item in the spring 2000 issue, here's the scoop. Project MedSend assumes student loans for those pursuing medical missions. Loans are paid in increments, directly to the lending institutions, while the missionaries are ministering. Contact Med Send at PO Box 1098, Orange, CT 06477-7098; phone and fax (203) 891-8223; e-mail orvisit their web site at Donations are also appreciated.


JCN Informs

I think the idea of spiritual care in every issue is a great idea. The articles offer different perspectives, related to faith, clients and experiences. The assessment tools and multicultural/faith interventions and support are most helpful.


Carrie Dameron


Pleasanton, California


JCN is a wonderful publication. I am uplifted and supported by each issue. God is present through the pages of each issue and through the work he is doing in parish nursing.


Frances Hudson


Brantford, Ontario


A friend gave me an issue of JCN, and I was so impressed I had to write. I've been a registered nurse for sixteen years, read lots of nursing journals, but yours was the only one that had stories and articles that touched not only my mind but my heart and soul too. Needless to say, I'm subscribing. Thank you for offering a journal that addresses all domains of health.


Roseann Fletcher


Windsor, Wisconsin


I was encouraged to read about a nurse who has survived despite her pro-life stance in "Perils of a Pro-life Nurse" by Tuttle in the winter 2002 issue. She says, "It's important to know that we are not alone." Tuttle's story should inspire us to constantly be pro-life and speak out whenever we have the opportunity. We will always have the support from the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses and the pro-life community.


Susan Meyers


Sheldon, Iowa


Helpful Resources

The resources section of JCN continues to amaze me with the great selection of books. Having lived in Fresno, California, where we had 60,000 SE Asians, many of whom were Hmong, the book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down brought back memories of the health care dilemmas we faced in Fresno among the different groups of ethnic peoples.


Patricia Kissell


Salina, Kansas