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Better BPs

Nurses cause less anxiety when taking a blood pressure, which helps reduce white coat hypertension, according to Michael A. Weber, MD, editor of the American Journal of Hypertension (AJH). He says, "Blood pressure often rises when a doctor measures it, which can lead to an incorrect diagnosis of hypertension." A recent AJH study demonstrates that ambulatory blood pressure monitoring can identify patients who have resistant hypertension and can prevent the need for costly tests.


Recognizing Caregiver Stress

The Alzheimer's Association issued these ten warning signs of caregiver stress: 1) denial-"I know Mom's going to get better." 2) anger- "If he asks me that question one more time, I'll scream!!" 3) social withdrawal-"I don't care about getting together with neighbors anymore." 4) anxiety-"What happens when he needs more care than I can provide?" 5) depression-"I don't care anymore." 6) exhaustion-"I'm too tired for this." 7) sleeplessness-"What if she wanders out of the house or falls and hurts herself?" 8) irritability-"Leave me alone!!" 9) lack of concentration-"I was so busy, I forgot we had an appointment." 10) health problems-"I can't remember the last time I felt good." If you know a caregiver showing these signs of distress, refer them to the Alzheimer's Association phone number, (800) 272-3900 or the website,


HCF Celebrates 30 Years

"It all started with a small prayer group at my home," says Aubrey Beauchamp, RN, founder and director of Hospital Christian Fellowship. Aubrey and a nurse's aide, new hires at San Clemente Hospital, gathered other Christian employees for weekly prayer meetings, praying for patients, families and staff, that God would bless the people who came through the doors. After a Bible project and an outreach event, over the years followed a newsletter, newspaper publicity, seminars on spiritual care that "took to the road" with CE credentials. HCF's national magazine A New Heart was launched in 1977, and the first national conference was in 1980. As stories came in of God's working in participants' lives, they were collected in small books, and Beauchamp wrote her autobiography. Beauchamp stands in awe of what God has done in thirty years. Congratulations,. HCF!! For more information on HCF, check their web site, News Service, March 11, 2002


Interactive Video Visits

Substituting interactive video sessions for up to half of a visiting nurse's in-home meetings with post-surgical or chronically ill patients can be a cost-effective way to provide care, says Dr. Kathryn Dansky, Penn State associate professor of health policy and administration. "But patients will always need home visits because they benefit from the personal touch," says Dansky. A recent study at Penn State showed that the new technology contributed substantial savings without compromising quality. For more information, contact Barbara Hale, (814) 865-9481,


Homosexuals Can Change

Robert Spitzer, MD, head of Columbia University's biometrics research program and a professor of psychiatry, undermined a key assertion of the pro-homosexual agenda when he released a study in May 2001 at the American Psychological Association convention that shows homosexuals can change their sexual orientation. Spitzer's conclusion is based on interviews with 200 men and women who claim to have experienced a significant transition from homosexuality to heterosexuality and sustained this change for five or more years. Even those who gave up homosexual practice without adopting heterosexual behaviors said they experienced a significant improvement in emotional well-being. Spitzer admitted that he was surprised by his findings.-reported by Doug Trouten, Moody, September/October 2001


Opportunity to Serve Overseas

Nurses are encouraged to join Operation Serve International (OSI)'s one-week ministry trips to Mexico in June, July, August and December, and to Egypt in April and November. OSI, formed in 1983, seeks to "demonstrate Christ's love in word and deed." Executive directors are the Reverends Sameh and Connie Sadik. In 2001 over 400 short-term mission team members on thirteen teams touched the lives of more than 8,800 people living in the garbage cities of Egypt and Mexico. For further information visit OSI's website,


Jesus, the Perfect God-Man

When emphasis is placed on the divine at the expense of the human (the conservative error), Jesus becomes an ethereal authority figure, remote from earthly life and experience. When he is thought of as merely human (the liberal error), he becomes nothing more than a superior social worker or a popular guru.-Gregory Wolfe in The New Religious Humanists as quoted in Amazing Grace by Kathleen Norris


Help for Type One Diabetics

Do you have in your family or among your patients a child or adult struggling with living with the effects of type 1 diabetes? Fran Grysko of Rotonda West, Florida (, says their family has received help and knowledge from a free computer program available on the Internet,


Make Way for Nurse Nicole

Jennifer Hamlin and Jennifer Fine cofounded Smartees, Inc., a toy company that creates dolls to motivate children toward professional careers, community involvement and personal achievement. Strong e-mail requests from nurses motivated them to do a nursing doll. Fine turned to Diane Mancino, RN, EdD, executive director of the National Student Nurses' Association, who "was enthusiastic and supportive from the start," says Fine. "It was a great match." Nurse Nicole is a pediatric nurse with black hair, brown eyes and a medium complexion, and should be available in toy departments/stores. She comes with first-aid kit, blood-pressure gauge, stethoscope, nursing pin, bandages, crib and a newborn baby. A college degree, resume, glossary and storybook about nursing help to familiarize children with the education and credentials needed to be an RN. Besides creating an interest in nursing, Smartees, Inc. ( has established a Nicole the Nurse scholarship as part of the National Student Nurses Foundation's endowed scholarship fund. A coworker line is next-will Nicole have a male nurse counterpart to keep her company? Stay tuned.-Janice Petrella Lynch, Nursing Spectrum, September 24, 2001