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Another Look at Global Health

Thank you for the Winter 2004 issue focusing on global health!! I especially appreciated "The Global HIV/AIDS Crisis" by Dortzbach and "Educating for Change" by Miller that focus on appropriate Christian responses to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Thank you for two articles that helped me to realize the impact of this crisis and yet prompted hope that there are specific and helpful approaches to address the issue.


I also appreciated Fountain's article, "Health Mission Today: A Closer Look" which helped me to understand the difference between medical mission offered as a hook for sharing the gospel, compared to following Jesus' example of offering holistic medical care out of sincere compassion for those who suffer with disease.


Thanks for a great issue and a great journal!!


Fran McHolm


North Canton, OH


JCN Informs

Thanks to the staff of JCN for consistently producing a journal that is professional and Christ-centered. JCN can be trusted to address current topics and provide information from a Christian worldview.


Loronda Schuler


Marshall, MN


JCN is a wonderful publication with useful information. Thank you.


Gina Bishop


Cape Girardeau, MO


Feedback on Fall

Your article about Edith Cavell (Fall 03) triggered wonderful memories for me. As a Canadian, I noted that one of the mountains in the Rockies was named after Cavell-Mount Edith Cavell.


Madelaine Coates


Orillia, Ontario, Canada


looking ahead

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