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Tools for Spiritual Care

The articles on spiritual care were informative and helpful. I'm taking time to digest what I've read before sharing it with colleagues. It's difficult to put into words what nurses do; this issue of JCN did that for me. I have been praying for you and the work God has set before you.

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Margo Wimer


Summerville, PA


I received my JCN this week-it's one of the best issues I've ever seen. I thought of the great clinical applications and how the issue could be used in our Nurses Christian Fellowship Bible studies, showing students how the studies need to be put into action, and for students' Nursing Care Plans for actions and rationale since we do bio-psycho-social-spiritual care plans.


Linda Pehl


Dean, College of Nursing, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton, TX


Tsunami Disaster

Nurses Christian Fellowship, thank you for the encouragement. Recently, so many countries confirmed help to Indonesia. Volunteers are already so many in Aceh District, Nias Island and other areas. But the problem is the transportation is very difficult. What Indonesia needs are: 1) People who are suffering need encouragement and counseling; 2) The trauma is very serious. Most of the people who leave the area don't want to go back since most of them lost their families. They will need work/money in new areas; 3) Environmental experts to help the Indonesia government solve the problem of environment, including dead bodies still in the river or in cemeteries.


Please pray for the impact and opportunity for churches/Christianity to show God's love, and for radical Moslems in Indonesia to understand that Christian countries really help no matter what their religion. Thank you for your concern, love and support to our country. Let God bless all of you with his everlasting love.


An Indonesian Nurse


JCN Sets High Standard

The Journal of Christian Nursing has been an inspiration to me. Thank you for supporting the spiritual needs of patients, caregivers, family and dedicated nurses.


Pearl Gurie-Hadlock


Reedsburg, WI


JCN Sets High Standard

JCN is a journal of high standards and stimulating articles. I enjoy the diversity of subjects covered.


Lorna Richardson


Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia


JCN Misses Mark for Men

There are thousands of men who are nurses, and the number grows each day. For the past year I have endeavored to connect with your journal, but the entire thing is woman-focused. Those of us who are Christian men, as well as nurses, find little to which we can relate. I feel shut out.


Rich Haas


Evans, GA


Editor's Note: JCN is planning an issue in 2006 examining health issues for men and men in nursing. Male nurses: Let us hear from you!! What would you like to see addressed in this issue? What are unique concerns for men in nursing? How do you deal with problems from a Christian perspective like salary or how people perceive male nurses? Send your comments to [email protected].


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