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  1. Cormack, Carla OT Reg (Ont.)
  2. Hillier, Loretta M. MA
  3. Anderson, Kathy RPN
  4. Cheeseman, Annette RN
  5. Clift, Janine RN
  6. Fisher, Mary-Jane RPN
  7. Romeo, Lena RN
  8. Usher, Helena RPN
  9. Wilcox, Jane RN
  10. Glaves, Nancy RN


The authors describe a participative management approach was used to develop and implement a nursing care delivery model for geriatric rehabilitation. This approach led to a sense of shared decision making and established consensus among the majority of staff. An integrated primary and modular nursing model that incorporated a geriatric resource nurse role was developed to maximize accountability and continuity of care. Ongoing evaluation will further clarify the impact of this model on staff and patient outcomes.