1. McCabe, Catherine Angell RN, HBCE

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As a nurse and a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator, I found the article on Ruth Watson Lubic inspiring ("Labor of Love: Nurse Midwife Ruth Watson Lubic," Profiles, April).


In New Jersey, where I live, 33% of all births are cesareans, among the highest rates in the nation. The World Health Organization and the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services aim to reduce the rate to between 10% and 15%. The number of practicing certified nurse midwives is decreasing and the rate of cesarean deliveries is increasing. The maternal and infant mortality rates remain relatively unchanged, leaving the United States ranking 16th and 28th in the world, respectively. Certified nurse midwives have a great opportunity to affect the care of childbearing women and their newborns.


Catherine Angell McCabe, RN, HBCE


Califon, NJ