1. MacDonald, D. Ann LCSW, RN, BCD

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Diana Mason made me think of my own experience wishing to further my education but facing barriers put in place by leaders in nursing education. I graduated in Canada in the mid-1960s from a three-year diploma program in nursing. When I moved to Massachusetts in the 1970s, the state's board of nursing required me to take exams for registration. Two years later, I asked about enrolling in a nursing program in Boston and discovered that I would not be credited for my diploma or any courses I had taken over the years. I changed careers and became a social worker.


I still subscribe to AJN to keep up with trends in nursing. Perhaps if there had been a little foresight in earlier decades, more nurses would have considered additional education. I support education, but nursing leadership must bear the responsibility of making it available.


D. Ann MacDonald, LCSW, RN, BCD


Colorado Springs, CO