culture, health disparity, ethnic minority



  1. Newman Giger, Joyce RN, EdD, ARNP, BC, FAAN
  2. Davidhizar, Ruth RN, DNS, ARNP, BC, FAAN


Since the formation of the United States in early times, diversity has always been a reality. With the immigration of diverse whites from Europe, the importation of black slaves from Africa, and the presence of the preexisting Native American populations, diversity has long been a fact of life in this country. However, one of the long-standing priorities of the United States has been "good health" for all the people. The broad diversity of the population has presented a tremendous challenge to health care. This article addresses this important topic by looking at the concept of health disparity from a biopsychosocial perspective and further by describing disparities that are present in the United States among the 2 major ethnic minority groups, African Americans and Mexican Americans. Many other health disparities could be considered in other groups, but space limits of article allow only the 2 major ethnic minority groups to be addressed.