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Mahon, S. M. (Ed.). (2007).Breast cancer.Pittsburgh: Oncology Nursing Society.


Breast Cancer, part of the site-specific cancer series published by the Oncology Nursing Society, is an extremely informative practical guide to understanding the latest clinical knowledge about breast cancer. I found the book fascinating, easy-to-read, and well organized. The editor and contributing authors share a vast amount of expertise with readers.


The book includes several helpful pictures and tables. Tools and instruments that can aid screening, treatment monitoring, and patient education augment discussions of both the physiological and psychological aspects of caring for people with breast cancer. Resources and guidelines are also included.


The chapters include "An Introduction and Overview of Breast Cancer," "Risk Factors," "Prevention and Detection of Breast Cancer," "Pathophysiology and Staging," "Local and Regional Control," "Breast Restoration," "Systemic Treatment," "Symptom Management," "Psychosocial Issues," and "Breast Cancer Research from 2000-2005."


Although the text of the book uses current data and the latest research to discuss every aspect of breast cancer care, there are several old sources listed in the chapter reference lists. These may be classic sources, which would justify their inclusion. However, sources from within the last 5 years are typically most helpful when dealing with a clinical topic.


I highly recommend this book for both clinicians who want to learn more about breast cancer and for those who are already well versed on the topic. It is an excellent resource for anyone who may need to provide care or guidance to people with breast cancer or to those at risk.


The book can be obtained from the Oncology Nursing Society, 125 Enterprise Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15275-1214 or


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