care plan compliance, healthcare technology, medical home, remote monitoring, telehealth, telemedicine



  1. Croghan, John E. MD
  2. Prince, Thomas R. PhD, CPA
  3. Zekic, Lidia RN
  4. Underwood, Jody ANP
  5. Sheridan, Philip H. Jr MD
  6. Weatherly, Jonathan MBA
  7. Knohl, Keith MBA


A comprehensive pilot study was conducted to examine how remote senior monitoring of important vitals information and virtual nurse visits conducted remotely via videophone would improve seniors' adherence to care plan and enable them to remain in their homes longer. Recruitment of study individuals was conducted in the North Shore area of Chicago, Ill. Eleven seniors participated in this small scale study to keep scale issues controlled. Of the 11 participants, 8 were female. The average age was 80+ (64-89) with participants suffering from an average of 4.4 chronic conditions and requiring assistance in 3.4 activities of daily living.