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After reading my first issue of JCN, I began spreading the word about this awesome nursing journal. I am pleased to see how each article is grounded with scriptural references and lots of nursing application.


Recently, I was asked to pray for a funeral director who was experiencing burnout and searching for balance. I immediately thought of the article, "Rx for Compassion Fatigue," (Fall 2006) and referred the funeral director to it. When reading the article, the funeral director substituted the words "funeral director" in place of "nurse." Later the funeral director stated, "This article has been a blessing. It is wonderful to know there are Christian professionals finding new and innovative ways to help."


That particular article was written with nurses in mind but illustrates how the Word of God touches us, reaching into all professions and walks in life. I thank God for this excellent nursing journal.


Sandra Jones Bordelon, BSN, RN


Houston, TX



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Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) hosted a professional nursing summit in St. Paul, Minnesota, late June 2007. Interim NCF Director, Harriet Coeling wrote, "Plenary speaker Sonya Grypma captivated the audience when she described the work of the early Christian missionary nurses in China; Judy Shelly helped participants recall the pioneering efforts of NCF staff who laid the groundwork for NCF today. Beverly Hancock challenged the audience to chart a course for excellence, as demonstrated through Magnet hospital recognition; and Kamalini Kumar challenged participants to become personally and actively involved in meeting the demands and opportunities in nursing today." See PulseBeats (p. xx) for Kumar's challenging quote.

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