deglutition, feeding, recommendations



  1. McCullough, Kimberly C. PhD
  2. Estes, Jamie L. MS
  3. McCullough, Gary H. PhD
  4. Rainey, Jacqueline DrPH


The purpose of this study was to examine acute care registered nurses' (RNs') self-reported levels of compliance with speech-language pathologists' (SLPs') recommendations for safe feeding and swallowing techniques and proper oral hygiene care techniques in the care of adult with dysphagia. A survey was distributed to approximately 230 acute care RNs in which they were asked to respond to statements regarding their behaviors when treating adult with dysphagia. Seventy-seven responses were received. Results revealed that RNs report their compliance with SLPs' recommendations to be high. No significant differences between compliance with safe feeding, safe swallowing, and oral hygiene care techniques were observed. However, more than 80% of RNs report a desire for more education regarding dysphagia; the time necessitated to feed individuals with dysphagia was the most common frustration. Disparities between RNs' and SLPs' expectations are addressed, as is the need for multidisciplinary team care, especially as it relates to the care of the frail elderly in acute care settings.