baby boomers, consumer health information, consumer participation, medical records (personal), patient-centered care



  1. Smith, Sherry P. MSA, RHIA, CPHIMS
  2. Barefield, Amanda C. EdD, RHIA, LNHA


In recent years, health care consumers have become increasingly sophisticated in their selection and use of health care services. Empowered initially by the Internet, they are seeking medical information to become better informed as they interact with physicians and other health care providers. This article addresses (1) the new patient-provider relationship with more provider accountability, the impact of Baby Boomers on health care, and the evolving consumer-driven marketplace with emerging patient-centered care; (2) emerging technologies being used to transform the patient experience; (3) how the use of cutting-edge technologies affect the health care consumer; and (4) the future impact of the use of patient-centered technology initiatives on the health care industry. The personal health record is predicted by experts to be the primary technology that will promote advancement of the electronic health record; therefore, this article focuses on patients' use of the personal health record.