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decision making, information needs, myocardial infarction patients, patient role, qualitative research



  1. Decker, Carole PhD, RN
  2. Garavalia, Linda PhD
  3. Chen, Connie BA
  4. Buchanan, Donna M. PhD
  5. Nugent, Karen BS
  6. Shipman, Amy BA
  7. Spertus, John A. MD, MPH


Background and Research Objective: Healthcare guidelines promote including patients in healthcare decision making to optimize treatment and recovery. However, prior research varies widely in the clinical context and conceptualization of patient involvement. The current study focuses on describing cardiac patients' preferences for involvement in decision making in the context of the myocardial infarction event continuum.


Subjects and Methods: Focus groups were conducted with 19 patients who had recently experienced a myocardial infarction and received care at a regional facility in the Midwest. Data were transcribed and analyzed qualitatively to identify themes related to patient's decision-making experiences.


Results and Conclusions: Both the role of the patient in decision making and information needs change as the patient progresses from the acute event to recovery. However, this change seems to be curvilinear, rather than linear. To maximize outcomes, clinicians must assess preferences and increase awareness of evolving information needs throughout the myocardial infarction clinical situation.