Charge your batteries at the Nursing2008 Symposium at the Las Vegas Hilton, March 18 to 21.


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HOW DO YOU make a nursing conference that receives rave reviews year after year even better? By holding it in the entertainment capital of the world!!


Now in its 9th year, the Nursing2008 Symposium: The Conference for Clinical Excellence aims to deliver more of what nurses say they want in a continuing-education conference. Among the city's bright lights and breathtaking shows, you'll be immersed in exciting learning opportunities and inspirational sessions to help rekindle your fire for nursing. Here's why this symposium might be the best yet:


Stellar speakers. The best and brightest presenters will share pearls of wisdom, inspire you, and probably make you laugh along the way. They'll cover core nursing topics such as patient safety, pain management, I.V. therapy, infection control, medication administration, and wound care. They'll spoon out practical advice on responding to a medical emergency in the supermarket and dealing with difficult patients or colleagues.


Besides great clinical information, you can learn how to manage legal risks and achieve your professional goals. Brush up on topics you may not have covered in nursing school, such as complications from tattoos and body piercing, bariatric surgery, and dealing with violence in health care settings. And let inspirational speakers who celebrate the wonders of nursing help reinforce your passion for the profession.


Posters to ponder. See what other nurses are doing to improve their practice, or share your own research or innovations in this increasingly popular forum.


Networking with other nurses. Socialize with nurses from across the nation and around the world at an evening networking event. Along with refreshments, you'll get a healthy dose of nursing humor from Terry Foster, who kept his audience in stitches last year.


Exhibits to entice you. As in years past, the exhibit hall will be abuzz with booths offering information about nursing organizations, agencies, potential employers, and health care products.


"Wow" time. With celebrities like Celine Dion and Barry Manilow, Broadway shows such as Mamma Mia!! and The Producers, Cirque du Soleil productions, comedy clubs, and more, you'll have plenty of opportunities to unwind. Contact Allstate Ticketing at 702-732-6818 for tickets and information on what's happening in town during your visit. For a particular show, it's best to call in advance and reserve your seats.


You can learn more about the Nursing2008 Symposium or register online at http://nursingsymposium.com.


See you in Vegas!!

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