comfort level, educational intervention, end-of-life care education, hospice care, instrument development, neonatal nurses, psychometric properties



  1. Babgi, Amani PhD, RN


PURPOSE: This article describes the psychometric development of an instrument that was used to measure nurses' comfort level with care of the dying before and after an educational intervention.


PARTICIPANTS: 112 registered nurses working in a level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) were included.


METHOD: Using a quantitative method, the validity and reliability of the instrument, "Comfort level in Caring for Dying Infants" (CLCDI), was assessed for content validity and internal consistency.


RESULTS: The instrument was found to be reliable, but the content validity was questionable, and merits further testing.


CONCLUSIONS: Given the results of the current study, the authors plan further refinements to the instrument.