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Ohio legislation, Prehospital indicators of trauma



  1. Hayes, John R. PhD
  2. Bechtel, Nancie M. MPH, BSN, RN, CEN, EMTB
  3. Beck, Rosemary A. RHIA, CSTR
  4. Giambri, Roxanna L. RHIA
  5. Kable, Renae RHIT, CSTR, CAISS
  6. Owens, Kathy J.
  7. Quinn, Karen A.
  8. Rhoades, Peggy J. CSTR
  9. Stobbe, Benjamin B. RN


Background: The study objective was to validate prehospital indicators mandated by the Ohio legislature.


Method: The design was a retrospective case review using adult and pediatric tools developed to assess prehospital documentation of anatomic and physiologic indicators of significant trauma.


Results: There were 400 adult records with Glasgow Coma Score, the most frequently cited (23.5%). Fifty-four percent of the adult cases had at least 1 item checked. There were 104 pediatric cases reviewed, where 49% of the cases had at least 1 indicator checked.


Conclusions: The mandated trauma indicators appear to be valid measures for use in trauma research.