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On this month's cover, Siobhan Magner talks with 94-year-old Neta Shortall at St. Vincent's Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. Magner, one of 300 nurses in training at St. Vincent's, became a practicing nurse in 1991.

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When he took that photograph in 1990, photographer Nick Kelsh, now 55, was on assignment in Dublin, shooting for what would become a best-selling book, The Power to Heal. He was one of 100 photographers working on the book worldwide.


"I loved the way Siobhan related to all of the elderly patients," he recalled in an interview with AJN. "She was completely hands-on and listened to every patient she worked with. I stood in the corner and let her do her job. I really think the picture captures her caring spirit and symbolizes the nursing spirit I've witnessed in so many hospitals."


In the portrait on this page, Kelsh features Magner herself.


Kelsh lives in Philadelphia with his wife and three children. He is the author or photographer of nine books, including Siblings and Naked Babies, both written with Anna Quindlen, and How to Photograph Your Baby, How to Photograph Your Family, and How to Photograph Your Life.


Alison Bulman, senior editorial coordinator