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discharge planning, elderly, evidence-based practice, relocation



  1. Hertz, Judith E. PhD, RN
  2. Koren, Mary Elaine PhD, RN
  3. Rossetti, Jeanette EdD, RN
  4. Robertson, Julie Fisher EdD, RN


One aspect of an evidence-based practice (EBP) guideline on managing relocation in cognitively intact older adults is elaborated upon in this article. The older population is at particular risk for needing to relocate to a new permanent home following hospitalization for a critical illness, but planning for these moves is often done in crisis mode. The purpose of this article is to sensitize nurses to risks for relocation in critically ill older persons and to encourage application of the EBP guideline in practice. Recommendations for risk assessment are made including using existing and supplementary assessment methods and data. Implementing EBP guidelines such as this is one key element in providing quality care to critically ill older adults.