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Included with this copy of your Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing is the 2008 ballot announcing candidates for the HPNA Board of Directors. The Board Leadership and Development Committee (formally the Nominating Committee), Chaired by Janet Snapp, Past-President of the HPNA, proudly presents this slate of nominees for your consideration-and your VOTE!


Particularly in this year of national campaigns and elections, many of us are focused on "casting our vote." Although candidates for the HPNA Board do not "campaign" to solicit your vote, each began the process of becoming a candidate for the Board by submitting an application to the Board Leadership and Development Committee for its consideration. Before reviewing any of the applications, this committee reviewed the board profile sheets to determine existing gaps. For instance, the balance of the board requires representation from hospice versus palliative care, geographic distribution, representation from various work settings, generalist versus advanced practice, and representation to match the strategic plan activities. Once these gaps were identified, in completion of their responsibility for "nominations," the Committee then reviewed each applicant and placed in nomination the individuals now on your ballot. I urge you, in the next step of this election process, to consider thoughtfully the qualifications, interest, and abilities of each candidate by reviewing their statements-then mark your ballot according to your preference.


Voting is not only a means by which we register our selection of an individual but also a means by which the collective "voice" of the group is heard in the outcome of the balloting. In past elections, only about 10% of HPNA RN Members have completed their ballot. Although this number of participants has been consistent with other nursing organizations, we seek to increase the voice of hospice and palliative nursing. To ensure the integrity of the election process and strong representation of your membership, I sincerely hope that YOU and every one of our RN members cast your vote in this election-truly giving collective voice to your preferences for the Board of Directors.