doctoral education, knowledge development, nursing praxis, nursing theory



  1. Banks-Wallace, JoAnne PhD, RN
  2. Despins, Laurel MSN, APRN, BC
  3. Adams-Leander, Sheila MSN, RN
  4. McBroom, Leesa MSN, APRN, FNP-C
  5. Tandy, LuAnn BSN, RN


Global shortages of nurses, limited resources, and increasing transnational crises mandate changes in healthcare planning and delivery. Disciplinary knowledge is integral to the development of nurse practitioners and researchers who can provide leadership role in addressing critical healthcare problems. This collaborative meditation examines how critical reflection about disciplinary knowledge in the context of nursing doctoral education facilitates this endeavor. Factors that constrain the development of disciplinary knowledge are discussed. Suggestions for further development of disciplinary knowledge are offered.