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global health, healing, integral nursing, meta-paradigm in a nursing theory, micro to macro, nonlocality, patterns of knowing, Theory of Integral Nursing, transpersonal, transdisciplinarian, transdisciplinary dialogues



  1. Dossey, Barbara Montgomery PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN


Anchored in one of the most dramatic social shifts in healthcare history, a Theory of Integral Nursing can inform and shape nursing practice, education, research and policy-local to global-to achieve a healthy world. A Theory of Integral Nursing, informed by integral theory, presents the philosophical foundation and application of an integral worldview and process. This theory also recognizes Florence Nightingale's philosophical foundation and legacy, healing and healing research, the meta-paradigm in a nursing theory (nurse, person(s), health and environment [society]), 6 patterns of knowing (personal, empirics, aesthetics, ethics, not knowing, sociopolitical), and other nonnursing theories.