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The 50th Anniversary Conference for Nurses Christian Fellowship International "Strengthened to Serve: A Christian Response to Global Health Needs" will be held September 14-19, 2008 at Hill Station Hotel, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.


The conference will be followed by a service-learning experience September 19-October 1. "Transcultural Immersion: Christian Nursing in Nigeria" has been approved for 30 (thirty) contact hours of continuing nursing education. See for more information or contact to request details.


Not planning to attend? Consider providing financial support for an international nurse through a donation. See for details.


Ready, Set [horizontal ellipsis] Rest?

We appreciated Carrie Dameron's article, "Ready, Set [horizontal ellipsis]Rest?" in the October-December 2007 issue of JCN. In our experience and study we have found what we believe is an even deeper blessing than was brought out in the article.

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Before sin entered this world, God saw the need for 1/7 of our time to be set aside for fellowship with him. God sanctified the Sabbath and later set it in stone as a seal of his authority (Exodus 20). Jesus referred to the Sabbath as still being in existence after his death (Matthew 24:20). Today, the Sabbath remains a way to worship God and obtain a particularly beneficial rest for both body and soul.


God expects us to participate in a rest day, to meet us so we can tune our heart and mind to his to receive strength and understanding for the challenging encounters of the coming week. Out of respect for God and trust that his commands are for our best interest, it is our willing practice to keep the Sabbath holy by refraining from work. We hope you too will find joy in honoring God's holy day.


Linda Royer RN, MPH, MSN


Darlene Anderson RN, BSN


New Market, VA


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