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Preemies-Anastasia's Gift


By: Patricia K. Bose, 2007


The birth of a premature infant is often sudden and unexpected. Parents who have dreamt for months of a beautiful birth and a perfect baby find their dreams abruptly unfulfilled. An early delivery and a baby's admission to the NICU is an overwhelming time for parents-often described as a "roller coaster ride," evoking emotions that include intense love, happiness, pride, fear, uncertainty, shock, sadness, and guilt.


Preemies-Anastasia's Gift, authored by Patti Bose, is a dedication to Patti's daughter, Anastasia, and to parents of premature infants. The book and accompanying music CD is a beautiful work of art Bose designed, based on her own experience, to guide parents through the tumultuous journey of the unfamiliar world of the NICU. The book offers comfort by explaining what parents should expect emotionally and physically during this time. Bose infuses her own thoughts and intimate feelings throughout the text, expressed in passages and quotes. Valuable information is included on self-care and how parents can participate in caring for baby in the NICU. The author offers insightful information on how parents can get the most out of interactions with physicians and nurses who are caring for the baby in order to stay well informed.


Inspirational quotes and soothing graphics in a comforting color scheme, accompanied by photographs of preemies, add to the depth of this concise yet powerful keepsake. Bose has thoughtfully included pockets for photos and footprints and pages for documenting important milestones and journal entries. Parents can also listen to the accompanying music CD specially composed of relaxing music scores infused with sounds from the womb while kangarooing with baby to let themselves drift off to a place where dreams do come true. This book is a wonderful gift for parents of a premature infant, written with love by someone who knows just what parents need.


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