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  1. Jankouskas, Tara Seifert MSN, RN
  2. Dugan, Renee BSN, RN, CPN
  3. Fisher, Tracy ADN, RN, CPN
  4. Freeman, Kathryn RN
  5. Marconi, Sandra RN
  6. Miller, Heather BSN, RN, CPN
  7. Smith, Barbara BSN, RN, CPN
  8. Souders, Brandy BSN, RN
  9. Zoller, Dolores BSN, RN, CPN


Meeting the constant demands for the educational needs of nurses is extremely challenging. The pressure from various stakeholders to meet these demands can lead to hasty programs in which learning is questionable. An example of evidence-based learning methods using a self-governance model is presented. Outcomes from this approach promoted real learning, improved performance, and improved teamwork.