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  1. Brady, Debra PhD, MNEd, BSN
  2. Welborn-Brown, Pauline PhD, MSN, BSN
  3. Smith, Debra MSN, BSN
  4. Giddens, Jean PhD, MSN, BSN
  5. Harris, Judith MSN, BSN
  6. Wright, Mary MSN, BSN
  7. Nichols, Ruth MSN, BSN


In response to calls for nursing education reform, a content-based curriculum was changed to a concept-based curriculum, using Kanter's 7 skills for effective change model. The skills include tuning in to the environment, challenging the prevailing organizational wisdom, communicating a compelling aspiration, building coalitions, transferring ownership to a working team, learning to persevere, and making everyone a hero. The authors describe the steps taken to successfully accomplish this arduous task.