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  1. Cadmus, Edna PhD, RN, NEA-BC
  2. Van Wynen, Elizabeth A. EdD, RN, NE-BC
  3. Chamberlain, Barbara DNSc, APN,C, CCRN, WCC
  4. Steingall, Patricia MS, RN, NE-BC
  5. Kilgallen, Mary Ellen RN, MEd, NE-BC
  6. Holly, Cheryl EdD, RN
  7. Gallagher-Ford, Lynn MSN, RN, NE-BC


Integrating evidence-based practice into the culture of an acute care hospital requires assessment, planning, and intervention by nursing leadership. The authors discuss a statewide study that assessed the skill level of nurses in obtaining evidence for their nursing practice, using computers and databases, as well as evaluating the perceived availability of resources in their hospitals to access evidence.