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Auxiliary Images for Medi-Dose(R) MILT 3.0 Software Now Available

Medi-Dose customers use MILT 3.0 to create labels on screen, using colors, fonts, images, and bar codes of their choice. Now, customers can add auxiliary images to their designs. Images for common dispensing information and warnings (like Refrigerate, Shake Well, Sound-Alike/Look-Alike) can easily be incorporated into any MILT-supported label.


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Gripsors Brand Medical Bandage Scissors

The fine grooves in the shaft of these scissors grip, making it easier to twist intravenous needles, open vials and manipulate oxygen connections. Designed by a nurse with more than 50 years' experience, these scissors provide critical assistance to nurses and clinicians.


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Figure. GRIPSORS Bra... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. GRIPSORS Brand Medical Bandage Scissors.

MaxPlus(R) Clear(TM) Needleless Access Device Now Available in Bard Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Kits

Medegen's MaxPlus(R)Clear(TM) needleless access connector is now included in peripherally inserted central catheter kits sold by Bard Access Systems. It is also available directly from Maximus, a division of Medegen, as a sterile, pouched product.


The needleless access device is designed to assist in the reduction of common catheter complications, such as bloodstream infection and catheter occlusion. These complications typically result from blood reflux in the catheter, poor flushing, and inadequate disinfection of the access port. MaxPlus Clear features Medegen's patented positive displacement technology, which provides a bolus of fluid to clear the catheter tip upon disconnection from the device. It also features Medegen's patented Tru-Swab(R) top, which acts as a double-sealed barrier to contamination and allows for true disinfection during preaccess swabbing and a clear housing, minimizing the occurrence of poor flushing. For more information, visit