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Mobile bearing knees help patients resume activities

[black small square]Zimmer NexGen LPS-Flex Mobile and LPS-Mobile Bearing Knees help restore natural knee kinematics for patients who wish to resume active lifestyles. LPS-Flex Mobile Knees accommodate up to 155 degrees of safe flexion while LPS-Mobile Bearing Knees accommodate up to 120 degrees of active flexion.


The system offers surgeons the freedom to select components based on the patient's willingness and ability to achieve high flexion. Specific design features help to maintain adequate tibiofemoral contact during high flexion and provide greater clearance for the patellar tendon. The rotation-only mobile-bearing design has a more anterior axis of rotation. Matching the femoral component with a size-specific mobile articular surface combines the stability of a posterior-stabilized design with a mobile-bearing component.


Zimmer NexGen LPS-Flex Mobile and LPS-Mobile Bearing Knees are compatible with the minimally invasive solutions procedures associated with smaller incisions, less blood loss, less pain, and a quicker recovery time.

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Antimicrobial alginate dressing launched

[black small square]Molnlycke Health Care US, LLC introduces Melgisorb Ag, a highly absorbent antimicrobial alginate dressing. Melgisorb Ag absorbs up to 45% more than the leading silver hydrofiber dressing. The high-fiber strength allows removal in one piece and it has a rapid and sustained antimicrobial effect. The dressing also has a sustained silver release for up to 4 days. Melgisorb Ag is suitable for use on wounds that are critically colonized or infected and is indicated for external use only.


The dressing is indicated for the management of moderate to heavily exuding partial to full thickness wounds such as surgical wounds, trauma injuries, leg ulcers, diabetic/neuropathic ulcers, and graft and donor sites.


Scalpels offer multilayered safety features

[black small square]BladeGlove Safety Scalpel System by Griff Industries was designed with safety in mind, providing protection and convenience for surgeons and nurses. BladeGlove's multitiered approach to safety includes a guard that automatically locks in the safe and retracted position.


The BladeGlove design allows for full blade exposure during use and the added security offered by a separate cartridge ejection button ensures multiple layers of safety for surgeons and nurses without inhibiting function. In addition, the system features one-handed cartridge activation with no exposure to the blade, no detachable components that could accidentally be left in the surgical site, a separate ejection button on the side of the cartridge to prevent accidental blade removal, and one-handed cartridge removal.


Modular pegboard system for positioning

[black small square]The MorphBoard Positioning System from Innovative Medical Products, Inc. offers multiple peg lengths to provide greater versatility and better fit for secure positioning. The disposable foam pads and sleeves protect patients from cross contamination, and the slow recovery foam also offers improved molding around the patient and positioning pegs.


The MorphBoard Positioning System allows versatile positioner configurations, and can accommodate average or bariatric patients by adjusting the base board component. OR

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