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This index contains all feature articles, Editor's Memo (EM), Infection Control (IC), Real Nursing (RN), Med Report (MR), Technically Speaking (TS), and Smart Management (SM). An abbreviation in parentheses after the title indicates these regular departments. The index is arranged in two sections: the subject section and the author section.




Consciousness monitoring: A standard of the future? (Bazzell, Laressa, Boils, Jennifer, Feathers, Anita, Stopher, Julie A.) 2(7):36


Patient selection guides: Epidural analgesia. (Hader, Christine Flickinger) 2(6):36



Shared governance in the OR: A model for success. (Hartley, Rebecca, Ross, Tracey A., Straley, Donna) 2(4):41


Unsightly reimbursement. (Garguilo, Heidi L.) 2(8):26


What's your competence level? (Woodruff, David) 2(7):44



Coarctation of the aorta. (Pye, Sherry) 2(8):20


Go with the flow. (Lopez, Ann Carolyn, Roper, Laura Denise) 2(2):22


Seeing the whole picture. (Rodeman, Roberta, John, Tracey, Phillips, Alistair) 2(10):44



A global view of patient safety. (Caisley, Laura) 2(9):40


A small dose of comfort. (Rousseau, Christi) 2(9):44


Knock, knock [horizontal ellipsis] Who's visiting your patients? (Brazen, Linda) 2(8):40


Shaping up after massive weight loss. (Ferraro, Dorothy Roedel, Tehrani, Kevin) 2(7):25



Improve patient safety with glucose control. (Pearson, Kathleen S.) 2(6):45



Team management of the chest trauma patient. (Taylor, Anne Ravdin, McGrath, Rosalyn P.) 2(3):32


The future of minimally invasive cardiac surgery. (Kark, Victoria A.) 2(1):24



Can you keep a secret? (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(4):8


CMS and the vague world of SSIs. (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(9):8


In 2008, the future is bright with new technologies. (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(1):8


Kindergarten and the OR: Going back to basics. (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(8):8


Loyalty and pride in the workplace. (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(7):7


Open communication and trust build teamwork. (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(3):8


The Joint Commission: Is your staff ready? (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(6):8


The time to act is now!! (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(10):8


Wanted: Perioperative heroes. (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(5):8


What's simmering below the surface in your OR? (Thompson, Elizabeth M.) (EM) 2(2):8



Preventing unplanned hypothermia: A key component to patient safety. (Ford, Donna A.) 2(3):28



Monitoring for MH. (Carter-Templeton, Heather) 2(4):56



An ounce of prevention. (Barzoloski-O'Connor, Barbara) 2(10):28


Best practices to reduce infection. (Bockman, Tammy, Putney, Jeannette L.) (IC) 2(4):14


Creating an OR safety syringe trial. (Dennis, Vangie) 2(5):43


Immunocompromised patients: Best practices. (Bjerke, Nancy B.) (IC) 2(3):14


MRSA: Could you recognize the signs? (Mendyk, Michelle K.) (IC) 2(5):13


Preventing infections is easy as 1,2,3. (Hurst, Debra S.) (IC) 2(10):15


Protect your patient and instrument investments. (Fayngersh, Yuri, Mercurio, Joanne) (IC) 2(9):13


Sharps exposures in central sterile processing. (Japp, Nyla "Skee") (IC) 2(1):10


SSIs: What are the host factors? (Strelczyk, Kim) (IC) 2(8):10


There's no such thing as safe smoke. (Dennis, Vangie) (IC) 2(7):12


Vaccine-preventable diseases: Protect yourself. (Barzoloski-O'Connor, Barbara) (IC) 2(2):13


Waging war against DROs. (Barzoloski-O'Connor, Barbara) (IC) 2(6):11



Make the connection!! (Medling, Barbara) 2(10):35


New technology and patient safety go hand in hand. (Francis, Paula) 2(1):41



Ceasing blood flow with absorbable hemostatic agents. (Heltemes, Linda) (MR) 2(5):19


Documenting to reduce medication errors. (Cole, Lisa M.) (MR) 2(7):17


Make medication safety your goal. (Treece, Jill E.) (MR) 2(8):18


Medications on the sterile field: Additional care required. (Heltemes, Linda) (MR) 2(3):19


Midazolam: The preferred preoperative anxiolytic. (Heltemes, Linda) (MR) 2(2):16


Relax and reverse. (Heltemes, Linda) (MR) 2(4):18


The eyes have it. (Heltemes, Linda) (MR) 2(6):15



Acoustic neuromas: Wait and see or surgery? (Regan, Elizabeth Neville) 2(5):29


Alcohol and surgery: Don't miss the risk. (Hurst, Geraldine Birch) 2(7):30


Complementing traditional surgery. (Hately, Jeanne) 2(7):39


Enhance your knowledge of skin grafts. (Wysocki, Annette B., Dorsett-Martin, Wanda A.) 2(9):30


Identifying intestinal obstruction: Better safe than sorry. (Goldberg, Susan M.) 2(3):21


Improved results for liver trauma victims. (Kark, Victoria A.) 2(9):19


Laparoscopic nephrectomy 101. (Tabor, Wendy) 2(3):39


On the trail of tissue tracking. (Giachetta-Ryan, Denise) 2(9):27


Patient positioning an OR team effort. (Rank, Donald S.) 2(1):21


Perioperative complications of subarachnoid hemorrhage. (Ekstrom-Patton, Ingrid, Holleman, Jill) 2(6):27


Prepare children for surgery one stage at a time. (Bayne, Alice, Kirkland, Patricia) 2(8):36


Preparing older patients for ambulatory surgery. (Swan, Beth Ann) 2(2):40


Put your best face forward. (Heddens, Claudette J.) 2(4):26


Ruptured diverticulum: Issues in surgical management. (Beitz, Janice M.) 2(1):32


Take the path of least resistance with ESUs. (Dooley, Melissa M., Braghieri, Tamara) 2(2):37


Weigh the pros and cons of LASH. (Goldberg, Susan M.) 2(7):20



Management of retinoblastoma. (Eccles, Denise Rochelle) 2(5):21



All the comforts of home-away from home. (Knight, Karla A.) 2(7):46


Is travel nursing for you? (Woods, Anne) 2(3):18


Maximize the travel nursing experience. (Knight, Karla A.) 2(9):15



Ease that aching back: Ergonomic issues in the OR. (Beck, Diana M.) 2(5):47


Give your patients a hand. (Cram, Ellen) 2(4):22


Rotator cuff injuries: Intervene appropriately. (Cole, Lisa M., Pfaffenbichler, Todd M.) 2(6):20


Slipped capital femoral epiphysis: Don't delay. (Hart, Erin S., Grottkau, Brian E., Albright, Maurice B.) 2(5):38


The new era of total hip replacement surgery. (Neville, Delisa Ann, Dvorkin, Michael, Chittenden, Mary Ellen, Fromm, Lisa) 2(10):18


Total knee replacement: Smaller incisions, better outcomes? (Hohler, Sharon E.) 2(2):30



Decrease recovery time with proper pain management. (Nevius, Karin S., D'Arcy, Yvonne) 2(4):34


Opportunity knocks for perioperative travel nurses. (Spader, Catherine) 2(1):13


Perioperative nursing apparel. (Belkin, Nathan) 2(10):40



Avoid the burn. (Cole, Lisa M.) 2(7):56


Boarding pass standardization promotes safety across systems. (Vasaly, Frances) 2(3):64


HIPAA and the information age. (Knox, Crissy, Smith, Anna) 2(6):56


Investigating intimate partner violence. (Hastings, Debra Pilling) 2(1):56


Nursing students need you!! (Seible, Barbara J.) 2(9):56


One facility's experience with home-laundered scrubs. (Larimore, Celia) 2(8):5


Sharp as a knife. (Alexander-Magalee, Mary Ann) 2(10):56


Smoothing the process of hand-off communication. (Forsythe, Lydia, Persaud, Debra, Swanson, Margaret, Stierman, Cynthia) 2(2):56


The emerging field of diabetes surgery. 2(5):56



A holistic nurse's surgical journey. (Ernst, Lorraine S.) (RN) 2(8):17


Does your facility walk the talk? (Smith, Linda S.) (RN) 2(3):16


Interviewing tips for perioperative nurses. (Bures, Ann T.) (RN) 2(6):13


Master the behavioral interview. (Zastrow, Sheri L., Thayer, Ann B.) (RN) 2(10):12


Mission work: Follow your calling. (Riffil, Yvonne) (RN) 2(1):16


Operation access: Aiding the uninsured. (Mendenhall, Jenny) (RN) 2(7):14


Presenting the perioperative profession. (Fitzgerald, Beth, Papili, Angela) (RN) 2(5):17


Putting pen to paper. (Weinstein, Lenore B.) (RN) 2(4):16



Avoid the risk of silence. (Moss, Emily) (SM) 2(1):10


Bridge the generation gap. (Siela, Debra) (SM) 2(9):10


Competence, compliance, collaboration: Three Cs to success. (Brazen, Linda) (SM) 2(10):9


Creating a culture of civility: Challenges and recommendations. (Lower, Judith "Ski") (SM) 2(5):10


Increase organizational success with proper inventory management. (Cohen, Gabriele) (SM) 2(3):10


Leading the way to change. (Viney, Mary A., Rivers, Nikki) (SM) 2(6):9


Master supply management. (Niedzwiecki, Marilyn Hart) (SM) 2(8):14


Preventing wrongful discharge: Know your facts. (Moushon, Matthew A., Ashner, Garrett E.) (SM) 2(1):19


Reducing turnover time: A surgeon's perspective. (Geier, Jr., C. David) (SM) 2(4):10


Sending out a moral distress code. (Black, Kathleen L.) (SM) 2(7):9



Expecting the best: Considerations for the pregnant patient. (Denaro, Robert M.) 2(8):45



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