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This index contains all feature articles and departments. Continuing Education (CE), Editorial (ED), Diagnostic Update (DU), First Person (FP), Heart Beats (HB), Nursing Ethics (NE), Pearls in Palliation (PP), Professional Development (PD), Research Rounds (RR), Topics in Progressive Care (TPC). An abbreviation in parentheses after the author's name indicates these regular departments.




Get heart smart. (Cyr, James; Paige, Peter; Furman, Mark I.; Meyer, Theo E.; Green, Kathryn; Burgess, Paula) 3(3):40


CE: High-tech heart. (Rich, Kathleen A.) 3(1):8


CE: The future of minimally invasive cardiac surgery. (Kark, Victoria A.) 3(6):12



CE: Teamwork integral to treating cerebral arteriovenous malformation. (Vacca, Vincent M.; Violett, Stephen) 3(3):20



CE: Fluid balance and resuscitation: Critical aspects of ICU care. (Stevens, Wendy J.) 3(2):12


Help stroke patients one treatment at a time. (Hefferan, Felice) 3(3):49


CE: Take a rapid treatment approach to cardiogenic shock. (Gorman, Diane; Calhoun, Kim; Carassco, Maria; Niclaus, Donna; Neron, Mildred; McNally, Laura; Thompson, Peturah) 3(4):18



Improving glycemic control in critical care patients. (Stone, Julie L.; Hutchinson, Linda L.) 3(4):30



Determining axis deviation. (Buckler, Lacey; Turner, Vicki) (DU) 3(3):5


Electrolyte update: Potassium, chloride, and magnesium. (Muller, Anne C.; Bell, Aaron E.) (DU) 3(1):5


Improve ACS outcomes by ECG assessment. (Palatnik, Anne Marie) (DU) 3(4):6


Monitoring liver function. (Schoch, Lisa; Whiteman, Kim) (DU) 3(5):5


What is urine specific gravity? (Flasar, Cathy) (DU) 3(6):9



Defining leaders by actions, not positions. (Morse, Kate J.) (ED) 3(5):4


Lateral violence in nursing. (Morse, Kate J.) (ED) 3(2):4


Nursing2008 Critical Care translates research into practice. (Morse, Kate J.; Palatnik, AnneMarie) (ED) 3(6):4


Patient advocacy: New skill or core competency? (Morse, Kate J.) (ED) 3(3):4


Playing the numbers game. (Morse, Kate J.) (ED) 3(1):4


Transparency in healthcare: A national priority. (Morse, Kate J.) (ED) 3(4):4



Participating in research as a bedside clinical nurse. (Saccomandi, Jeanette C.) (FP) 3(2):7



Act quickly with chest trauma. (Turner, Vicky; Buckler, Lacey Troutman) 3(4):41


Amniotic fluid embolism: Recognizing trouble. (Schoening, Anne M.) 3(5):34


Are your patients at nutritional risk? (Delville, Carol L.) 3(5):38


Central venous access devices. (Hadaway, Lynn C.) 3(5):26


Cerebral aneurysm rupture: Are you prepared? (Olson, DaiWai; Halley, Noreen) 3(6):22


Every minute counts: Maintain the urgency of sepsis recognition and treatment. (Rivera, Cinthia) 3(2):42


Managing acute tubular necrosis. (Bednarski, Donna; Castner, Debra; Douglas, Claudia) 3(6):43


Stop patients from falling through the cracks. (Bigger, Paula) 3(4):36


Try therapeutic touch. (Wardell, Tamara Lynn) 3(4):47



Using ECGs to detect STEMI. (Palatnik, Anne Marie; Cybulski, Donna) (HB) 3(5):13


Bundle branch blocks. (Femlee, Nancy; Waters, Lisa) (HB) 3(6):5



Consider comprehensive blood management. (Thomas, C. Michelle) 3(2):24



Caring for patients with end-stage liver disease. (Kelso, Lynn A.) 3(2):34


Control cirrhosis complications. (Fenimore, George S.; Manno, Martin S.) 3(1):44


Monitoring liver function. (Schoch, Lisa; Whiteman, Kim) (DU) 3(5):5



MRSA broadens its reach. (Fry, Deborah A.; Burger, Terry L.) 3(1):28



Help stroke patients one treatment at a time. (Hefferan, Felice) 3(3):49



Open your doors to family presence during codes. (Kumar, Deborah W.) (NE) 3(5):51


A holiday princess to remember. (Shiller, Ruth Joy) (NE) 3(6):56


Working through moral anguish. (Angelucci, Patricia; Carefoot, Shannon) (NE) 3(2):5



Acute abdominal pain: A systemic approach to adult assessment. (Core, Terri; Hayes, Karen) 3(3):30


Improve pain management in patients with substance abuse. (Woods, Pamela J.; Bartley, Marilynn Kyritsis) 3(1):19



A bridge to where? (Coyne, Patrick J.) (PP) 3(1):56


Adhering to end-of-life decisions. (Maiden, Jeanne M.) (PP) 3(4):56


Dying while young. (Johnson, Marquet T.) (PP) 3(2):56


It's a matter of time. (Maiden, Jeanne M.) (PP) 3(3):56


Talking to your patient and family can improve end-of-life care. (Cottrell, Damon B.) (PP) 3(6):54


Understanding palliative wound care. (Langemo, Diane; Anderson, Julie; Hanson, Darlene; Thompson, Patricia; Hunter, Susan) (PP) 3(5):56



Too toxic. (Saccomano, Scott; DeLuca, Deborah A.) 3(1):36



Empower employees to take initiative. (Sowers, Kevin W.; Washington, Kimyatta C.; Douis, Alison L.) (PD) 3(4):12


Participating in research as a bedside clinical nurse. (Saccomandi, Jeanette C.) (PD) 3(2):7


Time management for the nurse leader. (Hackworth, Terry) (PD) 3(2):10



Welcome to Research Rounds. (Kamm-Steigleman, Lucia) (RR) 3(6):10



Know the facts of mechanical ventilation. (Lian, Jin Xiong) 3(5):43


Smooth moves: Helping with rapid sequence induction in the ICU. (Holton, Ryan) 3(6):28


Malignant hyperthermia: Watch for clues to avoid a disaster. (Pruitt, Bill; Lawson, Robin) 3(6):32



Understanding palliative wound care. (Langemo, Diane; Anderson, Julie; Hanson, Darlene; Thompson, Patricia; Hunter, Susan) (PP) 3(5):56


Dodging the bullae: Stevens-Johnson syndrome. (Simmons Holcomb, Susan) 3(6):39



Extreme heart makeover: Understanding mechanical circulatory support. (Christensen, Dawn M.) (TPC) 3(5):7


Peripherally inserted central catheters: What you should know. (McPherson, Debra J.) (TPC) 3(3):10



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