1. Baker, Kathy A. PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, CGRN Editor

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In this issue, we feature three articles authored by colleagues from outside the United States. Our desire to have more of a global impact as an organization is certainly fulfilled by the quality of these contributions. The editorial board and our Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA) leadership recognize the responsibility we have to share our resources from the United States as well as facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and expertise around the world. During 2008, Gastroenterology Nursing has published eight articles from international authors reflecting gastroenterology nursing care and knowledge from Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, and the United Kingdom. Our ability to facilitate global knowledge reflects that authors from around the world are reading and valuing Gastroenterology Nursing as a reputable and credible source of nursing knowledge.


I have been very blessed through the years to have numerous opportunities to travel worldwide. Initially, I was simply excited and thrilled to travel outside the United States. But quickly, as I represented Gastroenterology Nursing in speaking roles, I began to realize how incredibly blessed I am as an American and a member of SGNA. So many bright, dedicated colleagues face challenges to simply live and work in circumstances with so much less than what I would consider "acceptable." Having the resources to produce a top-tiered journal, nationally established practice guidelines, phenomenal continuing education presentations, and the best and brightest nurses and associates from across this large country leading our organization has yet to be matched in any of the countries I have visited.


Gastroenterology Nursing is delighted to serve as a conduit for disseminating global gastroenterology nursing knowledge. But not only do we need authors from outside the United States to write, we need SGNA members to share their knowledge with those who are clearly reading the journal from around the world. Our journal has a broad readership, from technicians to advanced practice nurses and colleagues outside the nursing profession who have a variety of educational backgrounds and years of experience in the specialty. We need authors to write for this broad readership: beginners, seasoned nurses, support staff, managers, and advanced practice nurses.


As we move into a new year, consider what manuscripts you can contribute to Gastroenterology Nursing. At the May annual course, you can take advantage of attending the annual Writing for Publication workshop where you can learn and work alongside the Gastroenterology Nursing editorial board and experienced authors who have published in the journal. For those who want more, there is a new course, offered for the first time in 2008, which addresses seasoned authors and those interested in understanding more about what a journal reviewer is looking for when critiquing a manuscript that has been submitted for publication consideration.


Reading and talking about Gastroenterology Nursing articles is also important. We need to understand what colleagues around the world are learning from their gastroenterology patients. We should consider how our patients and their responses compare to those of global patients. And certainly we should be familiar with the literature and authors from our own country in the area of gastroenterology nursing!!


As we close out 2008, thank you for your support of Gastroenterology Nursing. To the editorial board, publication staff, and our authors-Thank you for the sacrifice in time, energy, and effort on behalf of the journal and our specialty. We clearly are having an impact on nursing practice and patient care, here at home as well as around the world. Job well done!!