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According to a survey of about 200,000 employees in healthcare organizations, RNs are the least satisfied employees. Nearly 45,800 employees surveyed were nurses.

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The survey, conducted in 2007 and involving employees at 423 facilities, found that the most important issue to RNs is how well senior leadership listens to them and responds to problems. Here's how nurses ranked the top five survey items influencing their loyalty to their employer:


1. Senior leadership really listens to employees.


2. Senior leadership responds promptly to most problems.


3. Senior leadership can be trusted to be straightforward and honest.


4. This organization has enough staff to provide quality care.


5. I am satisfied with my involvement in decision making.



Here are some other findings from the survey:


* Nurses who work day shift were more satisfied (65%) compared with those working evening shift (62%) or night shift (61%).


* Nurses who'd worked at their facility for less than 2 years were the most satisfied (66%).


* Nurses who'd worked at their facility for 2 to 5 years and 6 to 10 years were the least satisfied (62% for both groups).


* Nurses who worked p.r.n. were more satisfied than those employed full-time (66% versus 64%).



Source: Press Ganey Associates, Inc. Check-up report: employee and nurse perspectives on American health care organizations. 2008; South Bend, Ind.