Alzheimer's disease, caregiver, dementia, driving, education, transportation



  1. D'Ambrosio, Lisa A. PhD
  2. Coughlin, Joseph F. PhD
  3. Mohyde, Maureen MA
  4. Carruth, Anastasia MPH
  5. Hunter, Jennifer C. MPH
  6. Stern, Robert A. PhD


Growth in the population of older adults will be associated with increases in diagnoses of dementias such as Alzheimer's disease. Many who receive diagnoses will be drivers, dependent on their cars. These drivers over time will no longer be safe to continue driving; they will lack insight to evaluate their driving skills. Thus, caregivers must address difficult issues of driving and cessation, but often with little knowledge or support. This article examines caregivers' communications with the person with dementia about driving. The article concludes with how education may benefit caregivers in helping those with dementia transition smoothly from driver to passenger.