community nursing, community participatory evaluation, continuous quality improvement, program evaluation, service-learning



  1. Olinzock, Barbara J. EdD, RN
  2. Kruger, Barbara J. PhD, MPH, RN
  3. Wilburn, Sharon T. PhD
  4. Wilburn, Kenneth T. PhD
  5. Roush, Connie PhD, RN


The University of North Florida School of Nursing used a participatory approach to develop a community-based and community-focused curriculum that engaged students, faculty, and community stakeholders. This Home-base Model evolved over 6 years, building inductively using a continuous quality improvement process. We describe the formative evaluation process, the strategies used to engage the key stakeholders, and identify the benefits leading to the sustainability of the Home-base Model. A plan for external evaluation is in progress, building on existing stakeholder involvement and focusing on outcomes. The development of the Home-base Model is offered as an exemplar of how a participatory approach can build community nursing curricula that are consistent with community-driven agendas.