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Judith Allen Shelly, Editor


1172 pp., Nashville, TN: Holman, 2008, $24.99, leather.


Review:The Nurse's Bible is a new resource created specifically for nurses-for our spiritual growth and to help us in ministry to others. Using the Holman Christian Standard Bible (CSB) translation, a modern language translation following the best "word-for-word" and "thought-for-thought" interpretation of the original text of scripture, the text flows well and is easy to understand. Although there is no cross referencing or a concordance, helpful formatting is provided. Old Testament passages quoted in the New Testament are set in boldface type, footnotes show original biblical language and how it was interpreted for the Holman CSB, and frequently used biblical words or terms are bulleted (i.e., *Jews) and can be looked up in "Bullet Notes," similar to a glossary.


What makes this Bible special for nurses is the end section of fifteen Bible Articles edited or written by Judy Shelly, prolific author, former editor of JCN, and currently specialist in Spiritual Formation and Prayer with Nurses Christian Fellowship. The articles offer a clear, concise presentation of Christian nursing-what it is, the history of Christian nursing, Christian ethics, resources for spiritual assessment, spiritual care, caring, and understanding healing. Also included are articles on compassion fatigue and meeting your own spiritual needs. The Plan of Salvation is offered in the front matter, and a "Where to Turn" section offers scripture references for difficult situations, great for personal and professional use. I love the table Shelly prepared, "Healing Encounters in the Gospels and Acts," documenting instances of healing by Jesus and the early apostles. Following the nursing process, Shelly offers the assessed problems or needs, the intervention, and the outcome for each healing encounter. These could be used in personal Bible study and as appropriate, offered to patients and families. You'll also find Beatitudes for Nurses and the Nightingale Pledge, two great reminders of who we are and what we are called to do as nurses.


The Nurse's Bible is attractive, bonded in dark blue leather with a traditional nurse's lamp imprinted on the front. It is compact enough to put in my lab coat pocket or purse/attache for use at work and would be great for travel. The Nurse's Bible makes a great gift for any nurse, and would be a wonderful commemorative keepsake for graduating nurses.




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