1. Collins, James BS, RN, CNOR

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Benign and malignant strictures from an array of diverse etiologies may occur in any portion of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Dilation of these strictures is indicated whenever there are clinically significant symptoms. Although dilation usually results in symptomatic relief, occasionally recurrent strictures occur. There also is often a need to dilate a stenotic portion of the GI tract to gain access beyond the narrowing for either diagnostic or additional therapeutic interventions. Personnel assisting with endoscopic procedures should be knowledgeable of the various pathiophysiology conditions which result in the formation of strictures, as well as the variety of methods employed to assure an adequate diameter of the lumen is maintained. This presentation will offer the participant an introduction to the various conditions necessitating stricture management and the accessories and devices which are utilized to maintain patency within the lumen of the GI tract.


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