Alzheimer disease, automobile driving, driving retirement



  1. Croston, Jami OTD
  2. Meuser, Thomas M. PhD
  3. Berg-Weger, Marla PhD
  4. Grant, Elizabeth A. PhD
  5. Carr, David B. MD


To characterize the driving and mobility status of older adults with dementia, a questionnaire was mailed to 527 informants; 119 were returned. The majority of patients were diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer type. Only 28% were actively driving at the time of survey. Informants rated 53% of current or recently retired drivers as potentially unsafe. Few informants reported using community/educational resources. Individuals with progressive dementia retire from driving for differing reasons, many subsequent to family recognition of impaired driving performance. Opportunities for education and supportive assistance exist but are underutilized.