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attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Butler, discourse, Foucault, masculinity, physical abuse, roughhousing, sexual abuse, sibling rivalry, sibling violence, trauma



  1. Phillips, Debby A. PhD, PMHNP
  2. Phillips, Kate H. BA
  3. Grupp, Kitty PhD, ARNP
  4. Trigg, Lisa J. PhD, ARNP


In this article, sibling violence and the silence surrounding it is explicated through professional literature and research findings, exemplars from clinical practice, and statistics. Theoretical positions and discourse analysis have been used to help explain how regular broken bones, bruises, lacerations, and verbal humiliation can be minimized as normal sibling rivalry or roughhousing, which does not cause serious consequences. Nursing should be on the front lines of ending practices of violence. Recognizing sibling violence as such is part of this work and is a social justice issue.