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clinical nursing research, nursing practice, patient safety, research capacity strategy



  1. Jeffs, Lianne MSc, RN
  2. M. Smith, Orla MN, RN
  3. Wilson, Gail MSc, RN
  4. Kohn, Melanie BA, MBA
  5. Campbell, Heather MN, RN
  6. Maione, Maria MN, RN
  7. Tregunno, Deborah PhD, RN
  8. Ferris, Ella MBA, RN


Organizational and professional efforts to support nurses engaging in research projects that advance patient safety practices are needed. In this context, the purpose of this article is to provide a description of the design, implementation, and evaluation of a research capacity strategy designed for clinical nurses and the lessons learned. Participating nurses evolved from research novices to key champions in advancing nursing practice, patient safety, and quality improvement.