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New technique for femoral distraction

Innovative Medical Products, an industry leader in patient-positioning devices for orthopedic surgical procedures, has announced the De Mayo Universal Distractor, a new patent-pending device that delivers precise, finite femoral distraction with a completely unobstructed view of the operative site. Reducing procedure time for unicompartmental arthroscopies, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and TKA (total knee arthroplasty) surgeries, the unique distractor eliminates the need for lamina spreaders, bone hooks, or manually pulling on the femur at the thigh throughout the surgical procedure.

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The De Mayo Universal Distractor, used in conjunction with the De Mayo Knee Positioner, is a sterile external device that allows the surgeon to independently control the distracting of the knee joint. The distractor applies finite pressure to separate the joint space by means of a handle on the device that incrementally pumps the required tension.


In addition, the device features a sterile, patent-pending Pressure Protector Pad that protects the popliteal area of the knee from direct pressure to the popliteal nerve and soft tissue. Designed with an inner core of dense, noncollapsible plastic material covering the square tube portion of the distractor, the pad can't roll or rotate. This pad provides a wide distribution of forces protecting the delicate structures of the knee.


General surgery system provides multidirectional exposure

The Bookler Universal General Surgery System by Mediflex Surgical was designed to provide multidirectional, surgical site exposure in a wide variety of abdominal procedures. It features a solid and a segmented ring, two types of horizontal bars, tilting and nontilting ratchets, and a variety of general surgery blades, both rigid and malleable. Easy to assemble, uses can be easily expanded by adding one or more of the Bookler Universal Accessory Kits.

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A blade extender, twist ratchet, different blades, or other components can be added to meet the needs of particular procedures. Sterilization containers are available for many of the company's complete procedural systems.


Labeling system helps solve incorrect medication administration

Sandel Medical's Correct Medication Labeling System was designed to meet the Joint Commission's requirements and AORN recommendations to label all medications, medication containers, and other solutions on and off the sterile field in preoperative and other procedural settings. The Correct Medication Labeling System allows professionals to build an individualized kit to meet every need and budget: preprinted labels for eight departments (or labels can be customized), no-roll markers, ID flags, medication cups with lids and an adhesive tab on the bottom to prevent spills, syringe labels, and specimen zone prenumbered sheets to organize and label specimens on the sterile field.

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Unique to the Correct Medication Labeling System are the colored ID flags that can be applied to stainless steel basins, medication cups, and glass cups, which leave no residue. All products are sold sterile or nonsterile.


Wound therapy system provides comfort

The RENASYS EZ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy system by Smith & Nephew is designed to address the needs of wound-care professionals and the comfort of their patients. The RENASYS EZ allows clinicians to exercise their best clinical judgment with confidence, focusing on greater ease of use and patient comfort across the full range of wound types. The RENASYS EZ allows clinicians to use variable pressure control and to treat surgical, traumatic, or chronic wounds according to the individual needs of their patients and the characteristics of the wound.

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RENASYS EZ can be used with both the foam and gauze wound interfaces, allowing for broader therapy selection from a single supplier. Other features and functions include quick-click connectors, multiple safety alarms and a patient lockout feature to alert clinicians to changes in pressure or pump function, long battery life, and a convenient I.V. pole and bed mount.


Disposable bone mill for safer handling

Medical Innovators, Inc. introduced the Bone Shark as an advanced milling mechanism that eliminates exposure to sharps injuries as well as cross-contamination for OR personnel and patients. The Bone Shark delivers close to 100% yield of allograft, reducing the need for expensive autograft material. It also delivers the exact size grafts that surgeons prefer, so there's no further preparation of the patient's bone-a common problem with other bone mills.


The Bone Shark is preassembled, ready for use, and disposable. This eliminates the need for large, costly, reuseable bone mills that can require costly auxiliary equipment. Its small size allows its use in every OR-eliminating the need to schedule cases around its availability.


Fluoroscopy device reveals real-time imagery

GE Healthcare's OEC 9900 Elite C-arm's state-of-the-art imaging capabilities allow for superb images during surgery. The 9900 Elite uses X-rays to reveal real-time imagery of a patient's internal structure, and provides radiation dose-control dependability. The low-dose setting reduces the dose by more than 50% from the standard setting while in continuous fluoroscopy mode. Coupled with the NuBOOM image management and communication system, the OEC 9900 Elite can transform the typical OR into an elite endovascular solution or urology suite.

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The 9900 Elite's reliability and customer support are key aspects of the product. More than 42,000 tests and a half million engineering hours were invested in developing the 9900 Elite before marketing. Each device comes with a support team of more than 70 experts and a service team of 200 engineers in cities across the country.


Wireless software eliminates overhead paging

InterPage L.P. introduced the Enterprise 101 paging software for medical practitioners' offices. Enterprise 101 enables clients to send predefined or custom alphanumeric messages to an individual pager or groups of pagers within 2 seconds. Messages can be sent to pagers immediately or on a scheduled basis. All messages sent are stored with a date and time stamp to address the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance issues thereby eliminating the need for annoying overhead paging. Applications for this solution include patient notification and intraoffice communication between staff members and teams.