1. Cady, Rebecca F. Esq., RNC, BSN, JD, CPHRM, Attorney-at-Law

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This issue presents a continuing education feature addressing legal issues related to patients' use of complementary and alternative medicine. Our NCSBN Focus feature addresses the development of model administrative rules for use by boards of nursing. In the legal briefs column, you may be interested to note that a notorious case previously discussed in the column has been resolved. This New York state case in which several nurses were brought up on criminal charges for resigning from a nursing facility en masse has been resolved in the nurses' favor.


How is your facility preparing to respond to Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services proposed expansion of its "never events" list of hospital acquired conditions for which it will not pay? Have you been hit hard by a Recovery Audit Contractor audit? Have you had a successful audit? What did you do to prepare? We are hoping to put together a focus issue on these topics in the near future. Take advantage of our new editorial manager system and submit an article on one of these topics for publication. Visit us at

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